Welcome to Classic Hats

Our goal at Classic Hats is to offer an exceptional range of hats and caps for any person or any lifestyle. With unisex caps for winter, summer, rain and sun. We are a premium site for all your headwear needs. Whether you work in the city or country, holiday at the beach or the mountains, you’ll find your ideal fit for any occasion.

We stock a huge range of the best-selling hat brands, including classic hats, Laird, Soho hats and Stetson hats. Classic Hats has you covered for virtually any occasion. Please take a look at our amazing selection of hats and caps today.

One of our goals at Classic Hats is to provide not only the best selection of hats and caps online, but also the best service as well. If you have any questions about our hats or caps – the way they fit, what they are made of or how big a brim is, we have a great customer service team here to help.

Here at Classic Hats our products follow both vintage methods and design influences, employing traditional hat blocks and presses among other millinery techniques dating back hundreds of years. Much like the making process, our hats and caps are timeless classics.

As a company, we are passionate about supporting the British textile industry and using the best cloth it has to offer, as well as outsourcing superb cloths across Europe from the likes of Austria and Italy.

In caps, we stock Baker Boy Caps and Brooklyn caps, Flat caps, Summer & Winter Caps, Beanies, Baseball Caps and much more.